Vera and a little worm

 Vera was in the garden with her family. She was eating a salad, but in a salad, there was a worm. She thought that was a cut potato. She tried to eat that, but at that moment, her sister called her to see the house that she made.

Vera came back and she did not see the cut potato. She asked her mum:  “Did anyone eat it?” Her mum told her that wasn’t a cut potato, it was a worm. Vera laughed so hard that her tummy hurt.

She ran to the house and made some tea. When she drank all the tea, she saw a worm in the cup. She was scared and she dropped the cup. When her mum heard that, she ran into the kitchen.  Vera told her what happened and they laughed.

Vera told that story and everyone in her family was laughing, even the little worm.

Vera Jelenković 4/3

The victory

One day it was a beautiful day. I went outside to play football with my friends. We had a great time until some boys came and wanted to take our playground. We gave them a proposal-Let’s play for the ground- who wins he will stay. They accepted. We started the game, and they scored three goals and had an advantage. Before the second half we agreed to take some new actions. That second half was very good for us, we also scored three goals. Finally, at the last minute I got the ball and kicked it with all my strength… and scored the winning goal. We all shouted- Victory, victory! They had to move away from the field and leave. We spent the rest of the day playing football.

Marko Ilić  5/1