А Yummy Dream

Chocolate bunnies, yummy trees,
Vanilla flowers and gummy bees.

Lemonade waterfalls, icecreams and cakes,
Many, many lollipops ‘n’ delicious things

that my mom makes.

You can find all that in Candy town
And chocolate cows -white and brown.
Many kinds of candy– that’re sweet
In this town you and I will meet.

  Vera Jelenković 4/3

Hello people, I’m a hog,
and I really do not like fog.

When I walk through the woods,
all animals are my dudes.

I like to eat everything,
so you can give me anything.

Other pigs are affraid of me,
when they see me they say „Pardon me!“

My teeth are white and sharp,
I cut everything like Vader Darth.

And, for „THE END“

my name is MIMI
with message for hunters:


  Milica Milosavljević 6/1

Change a book into knowledge

First, find a magic book in the library!

Second put the book on your head!

Third, put a little red flower from South America

in your mouth!



Milica Milosavljević  6/1



You must do this.

You must do that.

Oh , don’t  forget  to brush your teeth!

Lea, make your bed!

Rules  at  school.

Rules at home.

I don’t  want  to grow up.

You must be careful.

You must  be patient.

You must be all the  time

Somebody else, not you!

Oh , I really don’t want

to grow up!!!

I want to make mistakes.

I want to be free.

Oh ,  does anybody understand me?

Maybe  you , boring  grown ups!!!

 Lea Mitić 6/3

It’s spring time!

Spring days are sunny,

cheerful and warm,

then we all feel happy,

and we’re laughing till dawn.

Flowers are everywhere.

Here are birds and songs.

Then we all feel better

And we are healthy and strong!

Mihajlo Đorđević 7/1


Today I feel nice.

Today is a beautiful day.

I listen to music.

Today I am ok.

Today I feel very good.

Today the sun is in the sky.

I listen to my favourite song.

Today I am happy and I don’t cry.

Jovan Ristić 8/1

When I go to bed

When I go to bed,

I imagine things in my head.

Weird, weird things,

like I’m princess and I have wings.

With them I fly over hills and I pay no bills.

After that I play chess

in my favourite red dress.

While I eat a chocolate bar,

I drive in a big white car

and in the sky I see a bright star.

it tells me that I have to wake up,

and put on some make up,

because I have to go to school,

meet my friends and be cool.

Aleksandra Milićević 5/1

School without violence

Can you tell me, please?

Is school for fighting

or learning and writing?

We like school

and we don’t want violence there.

Violence is not fair.

Can you tell me please?

Is school for fear or

 a good atmosphere?

We like school.

We like reading and writing,

drawing and counting.

Don’t waste your time in

shouting and fighting,

but in playing and laughing.

Milica Jevtić 8/2


I am looking at the sea,

and I’m drinking some ice tea.

I’m eating chocolate icecream.

It’s wonderful like a dream.

I go surfing on the sea.

It’s so good for me.

I like this warm day.

It really is ok.

   Tijana Miletić 6/3


Ilija is my name.

I like to play a game.

I am ten and

I am a liitle man.

 I like music,

I like dancing,

I like swimming,

I like drawing.

I like with my friends to play,

and to be outside all da.

One, two, three- this is me!

Ilija Ristić 6/1

A really bad spider

The spider is bad,

the spider is too black,

the spider is coming back.

It’s a horrible pet,

my friend Mark has it.

The spider is spinning his web again.

Danger, danger,

when you are near a spider.

Then you have got a big fear

 when you are near!

It’s such a bad and dirty pet,

oh, I think, it can catch my cat.

Lola Stanojković 7/2

How strange is this world to me

How strange is this world to me,

white or pink- just wait to see!

This fairy world is colourful,

I can’t tell how much it’s wonderful!

There is a strange feeling in me

when I fall in love and turn red,

when he smiles at me…

Then I am never sad!

How strange is this world to me,

love is so wonderful- just wait to see!

 Petra Todorović and Stefani Veljković  7/1

My family

 Hello, friends, Filip is my name,

And tennis is my favourite game.

I’ve got a younger brother,

And I’ve got a good mother.

I’ve got a big dad,

And I’ve got a nice red bed.

I am happy because my family is great.

I am Filip, one good mate.

Filip Đorđević 8/1


I am Mark and

I like going to the park.

I love white

but I don’t like to fight.

I love saying ‘Hey!’

I guess it’s ok.

I’ll say to you ‘Hi!’

and to them ‘Good bye!’

Marko Mikić 6/1

To my sister

I wish all happiness,

to my sweet little sister!

Her face is like a red apple.

Her hair is like

a field of silk.

Her eyes are like

two blue- berries,

and her smile is

a beautiful music.

I love my sister so much!

Dear, isidora, HAPPY, the 8th of March!

 Andrej Đorđević 7/1