Everything in life is temporary. So if things are going good, enjoy it because it won’t last forever. And if things are going bad, don’t worry. It can’t last forever, too. Just because something isn’t happening now doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Life isn’t easy. We all have something that we don’t like. You always say: „That’s impossible!“, „Just give up.“… But, you aren’t right! Always say „I CAN DO IT“, whatever it is. Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life! There is always hope. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. We must always be on the road. Go, be open to all feelings, changes, situations. LIVE! Smile, let the joy of our soul out – it awaits to make things happen in our mind.                                                                                                              Life is beautiful!

   Lola  Stanojković 7/2


What is friendship? Just a word? No, It’s something what puts a smile on your face!
Friendship is the greatest treasure! Being surrounded by those people who you love- priceless! Friendship is when your friend grasps your hand hard when you have a hard time or when he/she hugs you when you cry or he is also happy when you’re happy! The one who is waiting for you to go to school even when you are late or he is with you when he would rather be somewhere else! It’s hard to find a real friend! In the sea of people and characters, there are few real friends! A friend is there for you in the middle of the night, to help you and give advice! He tells you: „He is looking at you“ when you ask him to see what your match is doing! He loves you even when you make mistakes. Whatever the distance is, I carry my friends in my heart. Sometimes I wonder:’ Do I give as much as I demand? Then I think of it, and I think of borrowed pens, worries for my friend’s broken leg and a smile for the medals won at the competition. There was also a great sadness because of an argument after which I apologized first…

Then I realize that it is worth it and that I am a loyal friend.

Share everything with friends- both sorrow and happiness. Friends are my treasure!

And I do not know what I would do without them!…

 Anja Radenković 7/1

My dreams

Well. It`s a very complicated thing. The sky over my head is huge, it hides my secret wishes.

Since I was little, I `ve wanted to become a fireman. I would always run and fight the fire, I would save people`s lives. I would be very courageous and I would travel all around the world working for UNICEF. I would go to Ethiopia and I would buy  clothes, food and sweets for children. Then, I would go back to Serbia.

I would like to meet Vlade and Snezana Divac. They are very nice people! Unique! I would take the pain away from the Serbs, churches and cultural monuments would be repaired.

I love the new wave music. I like Eminem, too, and I would like him to come to Belgrade. His songs “Lose yourself“,  “Love toy soldiers“,  “You don`t know“ and “Not affraid“ are perfect! All the things he sings about are true!

I always follow my dreams and I know they will come true.

Jelena Kasum 8P


 People called Knjaževac “Serbian Venice“ and “Little Paris“, mainly because of the seven bridges, across the banks of the Svrljiški and Trgoviški Timok. Sometimes the boats sailed that way,and many great loves started there. The most famous among them,“Stone bridge“, was designed by an engineer Borivoje Radenković in 1913. With a span of 30m, it was the largest bridge of the kind in a little Serbia.

A civil engineer Borivoje Radenković was born in Knjaževac, and more than 50 years participated in construction of the most important facilities in Serbia. Among other buildings, he constructed St Mark’s church in Belgrade.

Communicatively, the most important bridge is the one on the Trgoviški Timok, which was built on five wooden vaults, in 1851. Later, it was demolished and built as often as there were wars on this territory.The bridges like to “pose“ to photographs and painters, and local people simply call them “wooden“, “white“, “concrete“, or romantically “the bridge of love“.

 Isidora Velimirović and Jana Nikolić 7/1


Every year I go to Belgrade for my summer holiday. I travel with my mum. I stay at my uncle’s. I like Belgrade so much because there are many interesting places which we can visit and see. There are many museums and galleries and, of course, a big zoo.

I like  Saint Sava’s Temple best, Botanical Garden and House of flowers. (That is the mausoleum of Yugoslav president Tito). We walked every day and enjoyed the city. The weather was so sunny and warm. I stayed in Belgrade about 10 days and after that my mum and I came back to Knjazevac.

    Anđelija Vučković 5/1


I went with my family to Bor and Bor lake.We stayed in a weekend house. Every day we went to Bor lake. I really liked the beach. We played volleyball in the sand. There we met some new friends. We played together every day. I went with my sister to a theme park. It was fun! The weather was hot and warm and we swam and sunbathed. We went fishing, and we caught some big fish. We went to the zoo. I  liked the zoo very much. I saw many different animals, but I especially liked horses. It was a busy day. We went to the skateboard track.

It was very funny. We stayed there for one week. Next time we will come again.

  Jovana Nikolić 5/1

My holiday

I was at the “Stara Planina” hotel on holiday. The hotel is big and it has four stars. In the hotel there is a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a Turkish bathroom, a playroom for kids, a teenager`s club. In the teenager`s club there are computers , a pool, a table tennis corner. I often played table tennis with my brother. I met a lot of friends from Mexico, Russia… I met TV stars too: Ivan Zeljković, Snežana Dakić and Dragan Stojković Piksi. I celebrated New Year in the hotel. At midnight there was incredible fireworks. The next day was rock night. People were singing. That was my holiday.

Uroš Rakić 5/1

My Holiday

I was on holiday two years ago. I went with my sister, brother, parents and with my auntie.We were in Sutomore, Montenegro. We went everywhere- to the beach, to the sea, to the shops. I stayed there seven days. It was great. I loved the sea.

Aleksandra Milićević 5/1


My Holiday

I went to Greece. I went with my sister, mum and dad.

It was fantastic, I can not wait for the next year to go again.

It was sunny and weary hot. I mostly played, I swam in the sea and

sunbathed. There we were for fourteen days.

We moved into a house that had 3 floors, and nice yellow coloured

flowers. We were in Corfu.

  Ilija Ljubisavljević 5/1

My Holiday

I had a summer holiday two years ago. I went on holiday with my family to Bulgaria. The holiday lasted ten days. We stayed in a big and very beautiful hotel not far from the beach. We could see a large swimming pool from our balcony. We also went  there. The beach was not far from the hotel, about 300 metres. The weather was fine, sunny and hot so I swam in the sea a lot . Sometimes it was windy and the sea was cold and I didn’t  swim then. We went out every evening and had ice cream, pizza and pancakes. My sister liked pizza a lot. This summer I would like to go on holiday to Bulgaria again.

 Lazar Nikolić 5/1

My Holiday

I was in Montenegro on holiday with my younger sister, mother and father. We stayed ten days, in an apartment close to the sea. The weather was great and very beautiful.  We relaxed. Every day  we were at the beach. We swam and rode on a ship.

At the beach we ate biscuits. We visited many different places.

  Nevena Lazarević 5/1